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Safety Rest Areas: Polk County Northbound

(Renovated Facility opened December 2007)
Polk County Southbound is the partner for Polk County Northbound
2 sets of Men's and Women's Restrooms Drinking Water Family/Assisted Restroom Handicap Access Interpretive Displays Picnic Tables

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Sketch of the Northbound site plan
Ceramic mosaic of an Indian Chief (Alabama-Coushatta tribe who still lives in the area)
View under the "cupola"
spacer View of Polk County Safety Rest Area
View of Polk County Safety Rest Area


  • US 59 - Northbound, north of Leggett
  • Latitude = 30.8365 Longitude = -94.8619


  • 2 sets of Men's and Women's Restrooms
  • Interpretive Displays
  • Air-conditioned lobby and restrooms
  • Picnic Tables
  • Drinking Water
  • Playground
  • Family/Assisted Restroom
  • Separate Truck and Passenger Parking
  • Handicap Access



    • Renovated facility opened December 2007 with expanded building and parking areas.
    • Polk County, named after President James K. Polk, was one of twenty-three counties formed by the first state legislature of Texas in 1846
    • The Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation is east of Livingston on U.S. Highway 190. Three streams in Polk County bear the names of Coushatta chiefs: Long King, Long Tom, and Tempe