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Safety Rest Areas: Cass County Southbound

Drinking Water Handicap Access Men's and Women's Restrooms Picnic Tables

View of Cass County rest area
View of Cass County rest area


  • US 59 - Southbound, south of Atlanta - Facility serves traffic both directions
  • Latitude = 33.0616 Longitude = -94.2739


  • Drinking Water
  • Men's and Women's Restrooms
  • Handicap Access

  • Picnic Tables



    • The county was named after Lewis Cass, a United States Senator from Michigan who had favored the annexation of Texas in mid-1800s
    • Nearby attractions include Lake Wright Patman, Caddo Lake, and Lake O'The Pines. Atlanta State Park and Cass County Park are located on the shores of Lake Wright Patman and offer services including camping shelters, boating, fishing, hunting, swimming and hiking