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Special Specifications
SS8791  PDF  RTF  Installation of Dynamic Message Sign System - Provides for the installation of a Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) System. Required for all projects using Item 8791 beginning with the October 2011 letting. Replaces SS6316 SS6397 SS6408 SS6410 SS6460 SS6534 SS6557 SS6571 SS6593 SS6606 SS6670 SS6849 SS6870 SS6932 SS8014 SS8279 SS8290 SS8374 SS8437 SS8499 SS8500 SS8502 SS8513 SS8524 SS8538 SS8551 SS8559 SS8562 SS8577 SS8583 SS8593 SS8607 SS8756 . (Change Memo: de-10-11). Statewide Use. Special Provisions exist.

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