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Special Specifications
SS8821  PDF  RTF  Radar Vehicle Sensing Device (RVSD) - Provides for the furnishing and installing of overhead radar vehicle sensing devices (RVSD). Required for all projects using Item 8821 beginning with the November 2011 letting. Replaces SS6189 SS6218 SS6239 SS6288 SS6314 SS6317 SS6388 SS6428 SS7240 SS6526 SS6594 SS6604 SS6605 SS6610 SS6611 SS6628 SS6632 SS6653 SS6660 SS6697 SS6726 SS6741 SS6754 SS6847 SS6864 SS6872 SS6885 SS6897 SS6909 SS6945 SS6954 SS6971 SS6978 SS6993 SS8048 SS8055 SS8131 SS8156 SS7443 SS8189 SS8234 SS8288 SS8314 SS8353 SS8453 SS8541 SS8549 SS8618 SS8621 SS8813 . (Change Memo: de-19-11). Statewide Use. Special Provisions exist.

Specification Information