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Special Specifications
SS6227  PDF  RTF  Solar Powered Light Emitting Diode (LED) Roadside Sign - Fabricate, furnish and install solar powered light emitting diode (LED), embedded signs consisting of embedded LED lights, and solar panels and batteries for each sign. CSJ:0139-04-045,0042-07-067,0541-01-028,0145-11-011,0113-07-069,0186-05-041,0005-14-067,2133-02-014,0161-01-030,0665-01-009,2326-01-027,0034-01-127,0693-01-037, 1157-01-018, 0013-06-047, 1194-02-019. For complete list of approved CSJs contact MTD. Replaces SS6402 . Districtwide Use. Corpus Christi District. Special Provisions exist.

Specification Information