2014 English Special Provisions to Special Specifications to Items 3000 - 3999 Surface Courses/Pavements (All)

SP3032-001  PDF  RTF  Reinforced Fabric for Asphalt Pavement Overlays - For project 0294-01-040 in Gaines County. This work consists of furnishing and placing an engineered paving mat high strength (HS) within the pavement structure as shown on the plans or directed by the Engineer. One-Time Use.
SP3006-001  PDF  RTF  Reinforcement Grid for Asphalt Pavement Overlays - For project 0299-03-050, 3621-01-012 in Maverick, Val Verde Counties. Incorporates updated material specifications for glass grid. One-Time Use.
SP3003-001  PDF  RTF  Emulsion Treatment (Road Mixed) - For project 0354-01-044, 0441-09-043 in Reeves, Winkler Counties. Payment includes existing pavement structure and ''Emulsion Treatment (Mixing Existing Material).'' One-Time Use.

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