2014 English Special Provisions to Item 003 - AWARD AND EXECUTION OF CONTRACT (All)

SP003-010  PDF  RTF   - For project 6325-60-001 in Travis County. Execute the performance and payment bond with powers of attorney attached in an amount equal to the amount to be paid the Contractor during the term of the bond and for a term of 1 yr., automatically renewable annually in 1 yr. increments. One-Time Use.
SP003-009  PDF  RTF   - For project 0196-03-268, 1051-01-037 in Dallas, Ellis Counties. Supplements Section 3.4.3 ''Insurance'' to add the requirement for additional insurance for pollution liability. One-Time Use.
SP003-008  PDF  RTF   - VOID - DO NOT USE. Notification of the requirement for submitting a signed notarized Certificate of Interested Parties Disclosure form 1295. Required on all contracts beginning with the March 2016 letting. Statewide Use.
SP003-007  PDF  RTF   - For project 0342-04-032, 6282-81-001 in Cameron, Marion Counties. Supplements Article 3.4.3 and requires additional insurance for pollution liability. One-Time Use.
SP003-006  PDF  RTF   - For project 6283-20-001 in Travis County. Allows the performance and payment bonds to be less than the full contract amount. One-Time Use.
SP003-005  PDF  RTF   - Special provision is to be used only when a warranty bond is required. (2004 SP003-015) Statewide Use.
SP003-003  PDF  RTF   - For project 6221-37-001 in Jefferson County. Item 3 “Award and Execution of Contract” of the Standard Specifications is amended with respect to the clauses cited. One-Time Use.
SP003-001  PDF  RTF   - Supplements Section 3.4.3. to include insurance for specialty contracts to remove and abate asbestos. Optional for all projects beginning with the January 2015 letting. Do not use with SP 003-002. Statewide Use.

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