2014 English Special Specifications to Items 2000 - 2999 Subgrade Treatments and Base Courses (All)

SS2021  PDF  RTF  ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE WATER CUTTING TREATMENT - For project 6314-85-001 in Eastland County. Use Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water cutting treatment equipment to remove excess asphalt to improve the pavement surface texture. One-Time Use.
SS2017  PDF  RTF  Loose Aggregate & Boulders - For project 2121-01-091 in El Paso County. Remove loose aggregate, clean debris from loose aggregate and boulders by re-screening, stockpiling, and relaying cleaned aggregate and boulders. One-Time Use.
SS2014  PDF  RTF  Asphalt-Stabilized Flexible Base - For project 0919-03-057 in Harrison County. Construct a mixture of asphalt material and flexible base material to be used as a base and surfacing on off-system roadways, intersections, driveways, turnouts, and other areas shown on the plans or as directed by the Engineer. One-Time Use.
SS2005  PDF  RTF  Filter Fabric - For project 0069-01-056, 3621-01-012 in Howard, Val Verde Counties. Provides for furnishing and placing filter fabric (geotextiles) consisting of a single layer of approved fabric. One-Time Use.
SS2004  PDF  RTF  Decomposed Granite - For project 0039-07-248 in Cameron County. Provides for the placement the decomposed granite. One-Time Use.
SS2003  PDF  RTF  Loose Aggregate - For project 0104-10-006, 0167-01-095, 2121-04-098, 2552-03-054 in El Paso, Presidio Counties. Remove loose aggregate, clean debris from loose aggregate by re-screening, stockpiling, and relaying cleaned aggregate. One-Time Use.
SS2002  PDF  RTF  Ballasted Track Construction - For project 0054-07-069 in Brown County. Furnish the construction of ballasted track on constructed trackbed. One-Time Use.
SS2001  PDF  RTF  Tied-Concrete Block Erosion Control Mat - For project 0906-32-049, 1042-01-032, 6300-96-001 in Harris, Kendall, Midland Counties. Furnish all labor, materials, equipment, and incidentals required and perform all operations in connection with the installation of tied concrete erosion control mats in accordance with the lines, grades, design and dimensions shown on the plans. One-Time Use.
SS2000  PDF  RTF  Decomposed Granite - For project 0008-13-221, 0902-38-075, 6324-21-001 in Parker, Tarrant, Travis Counties. Place the products described as decomposed granite as delineated on the plans. One-Time Use.

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