2014 English Special Provisions for Fort Worth - District 2 (All)

SP300-006  PDF  RTF  ASPHALTS, OILS, AND EMULSIONS - Modifies Table 3 to add a non-tracking tack coat-hot applied. May be used on a OTU basis in the Austin, Fort Worth, Houston, Lubbock, and Laredo Districts without further request until SW-SP is approved. Districtwide Use.
SP007-009  PDF  RTF  LEGAL RELATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - When notified by the city of Grapevine that a major traffic generating event is scheduled within at least 180 days, ensure all lanes and ramps are available during peak traffic periods before, during, and after significant traffic generator events. Required on all projects impacting the city of Grapevine. Includes language from SP 007-010. Districtwide Use.
SP000-533  PDF  RTF  IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS - For project 0008-13-221 in Tarrant County. Important Notice to Contractors One-Time Use.
SP6156-001  PDF  RTF  LED High Mast Illumination Assemblies - For project 0902-90-071 in Tarrant County. Changes to Article 6156.3.8., Equipment. The LLF calculation procedure is updated. One-Time Use.
SP6154-001  PDF  RTF  Aluminum Electrical Conductors - For project 0902-90-071 in Tarrant County. Remove splices or in Article 6154.2.1, Materials, first paragraph. One-Time Use.

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