2014 English Special Provisions for Houston - District 12 (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)

SP764-001  PDF  RTF  Pump Stations and Drainage System Cleaning - Utilize best management practices while decanting. (2004 SP764-001) Districtwide Use.
SP672-001  PDF  RTF  Raised Pavement Markers - Defines a patch as 1000 LF and establishes a pay item for replacement of RPMs on the patch. (2004 SS 672-043) Districtwide Use.
SP423-004  PDF  RTF  RETAINING WALLS - Modifies the PI threshold for CS select fill to 6, but in accordance with Tex-106-E. The current specification runs the PI on the -#200 material. Districtwide Use.
SP300-006  PDF  RTF  ASPHALTS, OILS, AND EMULSIONS - Modifies Table 3 to add a non-tracking tack coat-hot applied. May be used on a OTU basis in the Austin, Fort Worth, Houston, Lubbock, and Laredo Districts without further request until SW-SP is approved. Districtwide Use.
SP132-001  PDF  RTF  Embankment - Defines cement stabilized back fill embankment (CSBE). (2004 SP 132-005) Approved for CSJ 0271-08-012, 0065-06-063, 0646-05-027, and 0253-04-138. Districtwide Use.

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