2014 English Special Specifications for Laredo - District 22 (All)

SS6423  PDF  RTF  Installation of Traffic Management Equipment - Changes were made to add more devices to original SS6255. Districtwide Use.
SS6247  PDF  RTF  Installation of Traffic Management Equipment - For project 0005-04-076, 0200-16-020, 0254-07-008, 0665-02-002, 0904-00-181, 6314-98-001 in El Paso, Jefferson, Jim Wells, Martin, Potter, Webb Counties. Transport, install, and test Department furnished MPEG 4 Encoder systems, Ethernet Contact Closures, Field Hardened Ethernet switches, Cellular Modems, and Contact Closure Radio link as shown on the plans. One-Time Use.
SS6246  PDF  RTF  Dynamic Message Sign System - For project 6314-98-001 in Webb County. Remove, transport, install, and test Department-furnished Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), controller, and equipment cabinets. One-Time Use.
SS6245  PDF  RTF  Overheight Vehicle Detection System - For project 6314-98-001 in Webb County. Furnish and install Overheight Vehicle Detection Systems (OHVeD) as shown on the plans or as directed by the Engineer One-Time Use.
SS6191  PDF  RTF  Maintenance of Illumination Systems - Provides for maintaining, furnishing, installing, modifying, repairing, replacing, or removing components of illumination systems. Districtwide Use.
SS6155  PDF  RTF  Radar Detector and Communication Cable - Provides for the installation of radar detector and communication cable at existing or new traffic signal location(s) as shown on the plans. Approved for csj:0055-08-099 in McLennan, 0915-00-209, 0113-02-062,0500-03-641-Harris and various counties. Districtwide Use.
SS6026  PDF  RTF  Traffic Signal Pole Installation - Collect, transport and install traffic signal pole structures provided by the Department. (2004 SS 8843). Districtwide Use.
SS3042  PDF  RTF  Bonding Course - VOID - DO NOT USE. Provides for the construction of a bonding course using a Tracking-Resistance Asphalt Interlayer or a Spray Applied Underseal Membrane. 0237-07-015, 0229-03-037, 1188-02-089 Required for construction use in Laredo District. To verify additional approved CSJ's, email CST_RDWY_SPECS. Replaced by SS3084 . Districtwide Use.
SS3006  PDF  RTF  Reinforcement Grid for Asphalt Pavement Overlays - Governs the sampling, testing, material requirements, and construction methods for reinforcement grid for asphalt pavement reinforcement in accordance with the details shown on the plans and the requirements of this specification.(2004 3231 DW) Approved for CSJ: 0016-05-109. Districtwide Use. Special Provisions exist.

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