2014 English Special Specifications for Austin - District 14 (All)

SS7130  PDF  RTF  Batch Detention Pond - For project 0072-07-041, 3136-01-015 in Bexar, Travis Counties. For the installation, test, and making fully operational a Batch Detention Pond Control System. One-Time Use.
SS6134  PDF  RTF  Dynamic Message Sign System - For project 0081-12-047, 0086-14-065, 0167-01-095, 0275-01-177, 0440-06-017, 0914-00-366, 0914-00-391, 2121-01-092, 2121-03-154, 2121-04-098, 2552-03-054, 6315-26-001 in Bowie, El Paso, Potter, Tarrant, Travis, Webb Counties. Furnish the removal of a Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) System. One-Time Use.
SS6046  PDF  RTF  Radar Presence Detection Devices (Installation Only) - Install Radar Presence Detection devices (RPD) provided by the Department as shown on the plans. (2004 SS 8825). Also approved for: CSJ 0074-06-228 in Nueces county, CSJ 0101-04-115 in San Patricio Districtwide Use.
SS6045  PDF  RTF  Radar Advance Detection Device (Installation Only) - Install Radar Advance Detection Devices (RADD) provided by the Department as shown on the plans. (2004 SS 8824). Districtwide Use.
SS6025  PDF  RTF  Radar Presence Detection Device - Furnish and install radar presence detection devices (RPDD) as shown on the plans and as detailed in this specification. Approved for CSJ: 0522-02-037, 1586-01-069, 0014-02-049, 0143-10-050,0165-01-101, 0241-02-053,0432-02-088,0540-04-072,0910-07-069, 1090-05-015,2399-01-076,2642-01-046,3271-01-011,6297-97-001,037-05-051,0432-02-088,0241-02-053,2350-01-059,0088-06-004,6293-64-001,0179-10-108 Replaced by SS6303 . Districtwide Use.
SS5008  PDF  RTF  Precast Concrete Wheel Stops - For project 0009-09-081, 0065-06-063, 0331-04-067, 0441-07-062, 0675-08-108, 0910-16-121, 0911-04-054, 0914-18-102, 0915-12-537, 0915-51-011, 0917-17-056, 0917-20-036, 0917-29-129, 0921-06-270, 1202-01-018, 6331-64-001 in Bastrop, Bexar, Brazos, Cameron, Freestone, Grimes, Hardin, Hopkins, McMullen, Pecos, Polk, Smith, Williamson Counties. Furnish and install precast concrete wheel stops. One-Time Use.
SS4091  PDF  RTF  DEWATERING BAGS - For project 3136-01-015 in Travis County. Use Dewatering Bags for dewatering operations that do not discharge to sediment dams or sediment basins. One-Time Use.
SS4056  PDF  RTF  Inwater Column or Piling Encapsulation - For project 0114-07-080, 0114-07-081, 0150-02-039, 0368-04-028, 0514-01-041 in Jefferson, Lee, Llano, Wichita Counties. Provides for the preparation of columns or piling encapsulate with a translucent, Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) jacket. One-Time Use.
SS4041  PDF  RTF  Noise Wall - For project 0048-08-049, 1068-04-119, 1068-04-122, 3136-01-015 in Dallas, Ellis, Travis Counties. Furnish materials and construct noise walls with concrete noise wall panels unless otherwise shown on the plans, and steel noise wall posts. One-Time Use.
SS3010  PDF  RTF  Concrete Pavement Wide Flange Terminals - For project 0050-06-079, 0050-06-086, 0089-09-058, 0111-03-031, 0114-12-007, 0440-06-017, 0739-02-155, 1258-03-042, 3256-02-089 in Fort Bend, Harris, Jefferson, Travis Counties. Construct wide flange terminals for concrete pavement. One-Time Use.

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