2014 English Special Specifications for Corpus Christi - District 16 (All)

SS6227  PDF  RTF  Solar Powered Light Emitting Diode (LED) Roadside Sign - Fabricate, furnish and install solar powered light emitting diode (LED), embedded signs consisting of embedded LED lights, and solar panels and batteries for each sign. CSJ: 0139-02-025, 0139-04-045, 0042-07-067, 0541-01-028 in Briscoe, Donley and Reeves Counties. Districtwide Use.
SS6086  PDF  RTF  Portable Traffic Signal - VOID - DO NOT USE. For project 0932-01-053, 0932-02-054, 1302-01-022, 1324-01-020, 1959-01-014 in Jefferson, Live Oak, Wharton Counties. Furnish, operate and maintain Portable Traffic Signal (PTS) unit as shown on the plans. One-Time Use.
SS5088  PDF  RTF  Bird Exclusion Methods - Provides for furnishing, installing, maintaining, and removing bird exclusion netting devices in culverts or on bridges. Districtwide Use.

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