2014 English Special Specifications for Atlanta - District 19 (All)

SS6159  PDF  RTF  All-Weather Paint - Furnish and install a wet reflective pavement marking system in accordance with this specification and in reasonably close conformance to the dimensions and lines shown on the plans or established by the Engineer. Approved for use on CSJ: 0113-08-077 Districtwide Use.
SS6156  PDF  RTF  LED High Mast Illumination Assemblies - For project 0007-06-084, 0015-13-378, 0015-13-379, 0016-01-117, 0024-08-136, 0028-09-116, 0028-13-134, 0044-01-103, 0044-02-096, 0046-08-016, 0063-10-013, 0157-04-051, 0167-01-095, 0181-02-029, 0200-14-078, 0200-16-019, 0271-17-161, 0271-17-163, 0495-08-098, 0500-03-107, 0508-01-346, 0521-05-118, 0610-03-090, 0610-06-080, 0739-02-156, 2121-02-150, 6323-91-001 in Bowie, Callahan, Clay, Eastland, El Paso, Harris, Harrison, Haskell, Jefferson, Orange, Panola, Randall, Taylor, Titus, Travis, Wichita Counties. Furnish and install light emitting diode (LED) high mast illumination assemblies. One-Time Use. Special Provisions exist.
SS6149  PDF  RTF  All-Weather Thermoplastic Pavement Markings - For project 0010-06-041, 0010-07-050, 0010-08-053, 0010-12-067, 0010-19-010, 0046-06-079, 0063-01-088, 0063-01-092, 0063-01-095, 0085-04-035, 0089-06-088, 0096-09-076, 0208-02-038, 0217-01-034, 0221-05-064, 0248-01-077, 0393-03-034, 0402-01-023, 0495-08-100, 0495-10-091, 0546-08-012, 0633-05-018, 0843-07-016, 0919-00-073, 0919-00-077, 1919-02-038, 2526-02-010, 6322-28-001 in Bowie, Cass, Harrison, Panola, Titus, Upshur, Wharton Counties. Furnish and install a wet reflective pavement marking system in accordance with this Specification and in conformance to the dimensions and lines shown on the plans or established by the Engineer. One-Time Use.
SS6043  PDF  RTF  Large Roadside Sign Assemblies  - Replace, remove, relocate or repair large roadside sign assemblies consisting of sign support, signs, mounting hardware and applicable appurtenances. (2004 SS 8800). Approved for CSJ 6316-19-001 Districtwide Use. Special Provisions exist.
SS5040  PDF  RTF  Floating Turbidity Barrier - For project 0221-05-064 in Titus, Van Zandt Counties. Provides for furnishing, installing, maintaining and removing floating turbidity barrier (FTB) to minimize transport and accomplish the isolation of disturbed materials as a result of bridge construction operations. One-Time Use.
SS4027  PDF  RTF  Temporary Construction Access - For project 0062-01-035, 0117-06-049, 0213-08-077, 0214-03-033, 0520-04-026, 0916-29-013, 0916-29-014 in Bowie, Houston, Jasper, Live Oak, Marion, Newton Counties. Design, construction, mobilization, operation, and removal of all temporary structures necessary to remove existing structures and erect new permanent structures. One-Time Use.
SS3051  PDF  RTF  Pressure Grouting - For project 6322-55-001 in Bowie County. Undersealing existing voids under the concrete pavement at locations shown on the plans or designated by the Engineer. One-Time Use.
SS2014  PDF  RTF  Asphalt-Stabilized Flexible Base - For project 0919-03-057 in Harrison County. Construct a mixture of asphalt material and flexible base material to be used as a base and surfacing on off-system roadways, intersections, driveways, turnouts, and other areas shown on the plans or as directed by the Engineer. One-Time Use.

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