2014 English Special Specifications for Pharr - District 21 (All)

SS6251  PDF  RTF  Remove and Relocate Dynamic Message Sign System and Overhead Sign Supports - For project 0327-10-057 in Willacy County. Remove and relocate existing dynamic message sign (DMS) system and T-mount double cantilever overhead sign supports, at locations shown on the plans and as directed by the Engineer One-Time Use.
SS6026  PDF  RTF  Traffic Signal Pole Installation - Collect, transport and install traffic signal pole structures provided by the Department. (2004 SS 8843). Districtwide Use.
SS5088  PDF  RTF  Bird Exclusion Methods - Provides for furnishing, installing, maintaining, and removing bird exclusion netting devices in culverts or on bridges. Approved for CSJ: 6335-24-001, 0957-09-018, 0907-14-009 Districtwide Use.
SS4045  PDF  RTF  Pressure Treated Timber Bridge Deck (Glulam) - For project 0910-08-063, 0913-22-047 in Anderson, Gonzales Counties. Provides for furnishing and placing pressure treated, structural glued laminated timber (glulam) bridge deck. One-Time Use.
SS4026  PDF  RTF  Thermoplastic Pipe - Furnish and install thermoplastic pipe for constructing thermoplastic pipe culverts or thermoplastic storm sewer mains, laterals, stubs, and inlets. Districtwide Use.
SS4025  PDF  RTF  Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pipe - Furnish and place fiber reinforced concrete pipe. Include all required joints or connections to new or existing pipe, sewer, manholes, inlets, headwalls, and other appurtenances as required to complete the work. Districtwide Use.
SS4024  PDF  RTF  Reinforced Concrete Low-Head Pressure Pipe - Furnish and install reinforced concrete low-head pressure pipe. Districtwide Use.
SS1023  PDF  RTF  Pressure Irrigation Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe - Furnish and install polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe for a pressure irrigation pipe system. Districtwide Use.
SS1008  PDF  RTF  Pressure Irrigation PVC Pipe - Furnish and install polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe for a pressure irrigation pipe system. Districtwide Use.
SS1007  PDF  RTF  Irrigation Wells, Gates, and Valves - Furnish and install irrigation wells, gates, and valves as shown on the plans or as directed. Approved for CSJ: 1615-02-016 Districtwide Use.

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