2014 English Special Specifications for El Paso - District 24 (All)

SS6253  PDF  RTF  Drum Sign Assembly Removal - For project 0167-01-095 in El Paso County. Remove Rotating Drum Sign Assembly. One-Time Use.
SS6244  PDF  RTF  LED High Mast Illumination Assemblies - For project 0104-10-006, 2121-03-154 in El Paso, Presidio Counties. Furnish and install light emitting diode (LED) high mast illumination assemblies. One-Time Use.
SS6158  PDF  RTF  Trailer Mounted Solar Powered Radar Speed Control Monitor - Provide, maintain, and remove upon completion of work, trailer mounted solar powered radar speed control monitors as indicated on the plans or as directed. Approved for use in CSJ 0139-05-044, 0168-02-030, 0675-07-096, 6309-71-001, 0675-07-101, 0227-06-024,0168-01-029. Districtwide Use.

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