2014 English Special Specifications for Lubbock - District 5 (All)

SS6012  PDF  RTF  Refurbish Raised Reflective Pavement Markers - Remove and replace the reflective faces of Plowable Reflectorized Pavement Markers Type I-A, Type I-C, Type I-R, Type II-A-A, Type II-A-R, and Type II-C-R for Item 672, ''Raised Pavement Markers.'' (2004 SS 6948). Approved for OTU on CSJ: 0925-00-064. Districtwide Use.
SS5025  PDF  RTF  Relocate Bus Stop Shelters - For project 0131-08-020 in Lubbock County. Provides for furnishing of all materials, equipment, labor and incidentals necessary for the relocation of two existing bus stop shelters as shown on the plans. One-Time Use.
SS3032  PDF  RTF  Reinforced Paving Mat for Asphalt Pavement Overlays - Furnish and place a high strength paving mat within the pavement structure as a moisture barrier and stress relieving interlayer. Also approved for CSJ's 0052-07-070, 0068-01-069, 0168-01-029, 0227-06-026, 0453-02-018, and 0461-08-023. 0783-02-088 Districtwide Use. Special Provisions exist.
SS3006  PDF  RTF  Reinforcement Grid for Asphalt Pavement Overlays - Governs the sampling, testing, material requirements, and construction methods for reinforcement grid for asphalt pavement reinforcement in accordance with the details shown on the plans and the requirements of this specification.(2004 3231 DW) Approved for CSJ: 0016-05-109. Districtwide Use. Special Provisions exist.

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