2014 English Special Specifications for San Antonio - District 15 (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)

SS6070  PDF  RTF  Preventative Maintenance of Signal Equipment - Provides for replacing, repairing, or cleaning signal equipment. Districtwide Use.
SS6025  PDF  RTF  Radar Presence Detection Device - Furnish and install radar presence detection devices (RPDD) as shown on the plans and as detailed in this specification. Approved for CSJ: 0522-02-037, 1586-01-069, 0014-02-049, 0143-10-050,0165-01-101, 0241-02-053,0432-02-088,0540-04-072,0910-07-069, 1090-05-015,2399-01-076,2642-01-046,3271-01-011,6297-97-001,037-05-051,0432-02-088,0241-02-053,2350-01-059,0088-06-004,6293-64-001,0179-10-108 Districtwide Use.

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