Aviation Capital Improvement Program



Private citizens, groups and organizations can play a role in their local airport’s development through the Adopt-an-Airport Program. Eligible adopters commit to beautify an airport, enhance its image and increase public awareness for two-year terms.


Publicly-owned airports included in the Texas Airport System Plan are eligible. The following groups are eligible to adopt airports through the program:

  • Members or employees of civic and nonprofit organizations
  • Employees of private businesses and governmental entities
  • Families

Note: A group must be located or reside in the city or county in which the adopted airport is located.


The authorized representative of a new or renewing adoption group must submit an application to the district coordinator of the highway district in which the airport is located.

Title PDF
Application Application PDF
Adoption Agreement Terms and Conditions Adoption Agreement Terms and Conditions PDF
Safety Instruction Program Release Safety Instruction Program Release PDF
Release for Participant Under 18 Years of Age Release for Participant Under 18 Years of Age PDF
Work Period Confirmation Work Period Confirmation PDF

 Written Agreement

Upon the district’s approval, adopters will need to execute an agreement with TxDOT and the airport sponsor to define responsibilities before the airport may be adopted:

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For more information, contact TxDOT at (800) 68-PILOT or contact your district coordinator.

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