Auctions and Sales


Auctions and Sales

The Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) has the statutory responsibility for the disposition of surplus personal property items from state agencies. The Commission delegates a portion of their authority to larger agencies in order to accelerate the state's disposal efforts. Currently, TxDOT holds delegated authority to conduct local sales and dispose of salvage materials.

Disposal Process

TxDOT's surplus property must first be offered to other state agencies, political subdivisions and assistance organizations during a 10-day advertisement period (see Advertisement to Public Entities). The Department may sell its surplus items to a public entity during this period through a direct transfer. Once the advertisement period is complete, unsold items can then be offered to the general public through one of the following competitive bidding methods:

  Online Auctions
  Local Sales
  Direct Sales
  Public Auctions

Important Facts to Know:

  • All surplus property is sold "as is, where is" with no expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of merchantability.
  • Each sale contains specific terms and conditions which must be followed closely.
  • Except for direct transfers to a public entity, a 6.5 percent purchaser's fee is collected on all surplus sale transactions.
  • In addition to the purchaser's fee, a buyer must pay any applicable state sales and use tax unless the buyer provides a resale or tax-exempt certificate.
  • Failure to abide by the terms and conditions of the sale or retrieve any surplus property you purchased may result in the forfeiture of your funds and the item(s) reverting back to the state of Texas. This action may negatively impact your ability to receive any future TxDOT surplus property items.
  • The department does not offer computers or computer-related equipment items to the general public for sale. In accordance with state law, these items are transferred to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Computer Recovery Program where they are refurbished and offered to charter schools and independent school districts in the state of Texas.
  • TxDOT policy prohibits department employees from buying the Department's surplus property. However, this restriction does not extend to surplus property sold by other state agencies or political subdivisions.

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