Electronic Bidding System


Electronic Bidding System

TxDOT provides an Electronic Bidding System (EBS) for submitting bids online. The EBS software does not perform estimating functions. In order to begin bidding electronically with TxDOT, there are three initial steps listed below that must be completed.

Digital Certificate

A digital certificate, issued at no cost by TxDOT, is needed in order to sign an electronic bid. You may request a digital certificate using Form 2196.

EBS Software

For Existing Users Update Your Contractors Desktop Application (CDA)
STEP 1: Update your CDA to the most recent version Update Contractors Desktop Application (CDA) (click on the link then click "Run" to update the application).
STEP 2: After you have completed the above update, update your CDA database to the most recent version Update Contractors Desktop Local Database (click on the link then click "Run" to update the database).

For New Users Install Contractors Desktop Application (CDA)
Download and install the Contractors Desktop Application (CDA) (click on the link then click "Run" to install the application). In addition to the CDA, the microsoft.net framework and Crystal Reports Basic will be installed. The CDA contains a help menu for setting up and using the software. The EBS software is provided at no cost.

Note: Installing CDA for the first time may take several minutes.

Electronic Bonding

Bidding electronically requires an electronic bid bond. Paper bid bonds and checks cannot be used as bid guaranties on electronic bids submitted online. You will need to work through your surety agent to get set up with one of the two electronic bond clearinghouses: Surety 2000, (800) 660-3263; or Surepath, (818) 783-3460.

Note: The initial setup of the electronic bonding process can take as much as a week. Additionally, bond clearinghouse companies do charge a fee for their service.

Before submitting an electronic bid for the first time, we recommend you read the Standard Specification and current Special Provisions to Item 2, "Instructions to Bidders." The specifications will outline the requirements for submitting an electronic bid.

Contact Us

Call (512) 416-2584 for help with the electronic bidding setup process. You may also request assistance via email.