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I-69 Implementation Strategy

To manage the continued development and designation of the I-69 System in Texas, TxDOT has prepared an I-69 Implementation Strategy. This strategy is intended to serve as a tool for use in identifying, planning, prioritizing, programming and tracking the remaining upgrade and relief route projects to extend and complete the I-69 System. It represents a snapshot in time and will be updated as the I-69 Program unfolds and evolves. The I-69 Implementation Strategy Report presents I-69 System background information on TxDOT’s progress to advance the I-69 System and the citizen-driven initiative. An implementation strategy summary is provided for each TxDOT district involved with I-69 System development. This summary includes:

  • The identification and status of TxDOT planned and programmed projects

  • Future potential projects with no current planning and programming status

  • Descriptive information for each project

  • Key I-69 evaluation criteria to support project prioritization efforts

The Implementation Strategy Report provides a tool for the involved TxDOT districts to prioritize, coordinate, and manage the advancement of the remaining I-69 System projects, including securing and allocating needed funding to execute the strategy. Finally, the I-69 Implementation Strategy serves as an important tool for citizen committees to use to engage and inform communities, metropolitan planning organizations and other stakeholders about the status of projects on the I-69 System.

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