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Projects & Studies

US 59 - Harrison County

The I-69 System (I-369) Harrison County/Marshall Route Study will, with substantial citizen and community participation, determine options for development of I-369 in the Marshall area, with the eventual goal of constructing, designating and signing US 59 as I-369.

The study includes two broad options for consideration:

  • Upgrade of existing US 59 through Marshall
    to an interstate highway (I-369), or
  • Construction of I-369/US 59 on a new
    location and conversion of existing US 59 through Marshall to Business 59.

Ultimately, this route study and the working group’s efforts will result in the identification of an interstate route option that will then be studied in detail as part of the environmental process. The route study is anticipated to be completed in late fall 2014.

I-69 in Texas

In Texas, the national I-69 route is to begin along US 84 in Joaquin at the Texas-Louisiana border. It will extend south to Laredo and the Lower Rio Grande Valley via US 84, US 59, US 77 and US 281. US 59 north of Tenaha is intended to function as an interstate spur, I-369, eventually connecting the future national I-69 route along US 59/US 84 to I-30 in Texarkana. The first section of I-369, from I-30 to Loop 151 in Texarkana, was signed in May 2013. Once the remaining sections of US 59 between Tenaha and I-30 are upgraded to meet interstate standards and are connected to and/or planned to connect to the existing Interstate system by July 2037, they would also be designated as I-369.

The I-69 System (I-369) Harrison County/Marshall Working Group

As a continuation of the citizen-led I-69 development effort, an I-69 System (I-369) Harrison County/Marshall Working Group was created to provide input to the I-69 System (I-369) Harrison County/Marshall Route Study, the interstate route options to be considered, and the merits of those options. This working group, which meets frequently, will present the interstate route options to local citizens to learn about any concerns or issues that may need to be addressed. Considering local citizen input, the working group will make recommendations that will guide TxDOT on I-369 project development in the Marshall area.

Comments or questions may be submitted by email or mail to:

Texas Department of Transportation
Attn: Transportation Engineering Supervisor
701 E. Main Street
Atlanta, TX 75551

For more information, please email or call (903) 799-1308.