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Fort Worth District Standards - English Units

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Drainage Standards
Rev. Date Standard Name Description File Names
May-19 Fort Worth District Inlet Bid Codes bidcodes.pdf  
May-19 Fort Worth District Inlet Parameters and Rating Curves inletpar.pdf  
Nov-20 I-CO (FTW) Curb Inlet Outside Pavement ico-ftw.pdf ico-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 I-CO-C (FTW) Curb Inlet Outside Pavement - over Box Sewer icoc-ftw.pdf icoc-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 I-CU (FTW) Curb Inlet Under Pavement icu-ftw.pdf icu-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 I-CU-C (FTW) Curb Inlet Under Pavement - over Box Sewer icuc-ftw.pdf icuc-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 I-COB (FTW) Curb Inlet Open Back icob-ftw.pdf icob-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 I-COB-C (FTW) Curb Inlet Open Back - over Box Sewer icobc-ftw.pdf icobc-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 I-FG (FTW) Grated Inlet on Pavement ifg-ftw.pdf ifg-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 I-FG-2 (FTW) Grated Inlet on Pavement - 2 grate unit ifg2-ftw.pdf ifg2-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 I-FG-2C (FTW) Grated Inlet on Pavement - 2 grate unit - over Box Sewer ifg2c-ftw.pdf ifg2c-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 I-FG-R (FTW) Grated Inlet on Pavement - Retaining Wall ifgr-ftw.pdf ifgr-ftw.dgn
May-19 I-AD (FTW) Area-Ditch Inlet iad-ftw.pdf iad-ftw.dgn
May-19 I-AD-2 (FTW) Area-Ditch Inlet - 2 grate unit iad2-ftw.pdf iad2-ftw.dgn
May-19 I-RWF (FTW) Flume Inlet - Retaining Wall irwf-ftw.pdf irwf-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 I-SSB (FTW) Single Slope Barrier Inlet issb-ftw.pdf issb-ftw.dgn
May-19 I-CH (FTW) Channel Headwall Inlet ich-ftw.pdf ich-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 TD-C (FTW) Trench Drain (Cast-in-Place) tdc-ftw.pdf tdc-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 JB-TD-C (FTW) Junction Box Trench Drain Outfall jbtdc-ftw.pdf jbtdc-ftw.dgn
May-19 TD-DD (FTW) Trench Drain Design Data tddd-ftw.pdf tddd-ftw.dgn
May-19 Trench Drain Design Data Excel Sheet tddd-ftw.xlsx  
May-19 JB (FTW) Junction Box jb-ftw.pdf jb-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 MH-SD (FTW) Manhole, Type SD mhsd-ftw.pdf mhsd-ftw.dgn
May-19 MI-B&R (FTW) Manhole and Inlet Base and Riser mibr-ftw.pdf mibr-ftw.dgn
May-19 MI-CBC (FTW) Manhole/Inlet Connection to Box Culvert micbc-ftw.pdf micbc-ftw.dgn
May-19 MI-AC (FTW) Manhole and Inlet Adjustment and Cap Details miac-ftw.pdf miac-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 MDD (FTW) Miscellaneous Drainage Details mdd-ftw.pdf mdd-ftw.dgn
May-19 BC-ECD (FTW) Box Culvert End Cap Details bcecd-ftw.pdf bcecd-ftw.dgn


Roadway Standards
Rev. Date Standard Name Description File Names
May-19 BAT (FTW) Bridge Abutment Treatment Cement - Treated Flex Base bat-ftw.pdf bat-ftw.dgn
May-19 CCCG (FTW) Concrete Curb and Curb and Gutter Details cccg-ftw.pdf cccg-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 CDD (FTW) Concrete Driveway Details cdd-ftw.pdf cdd-ftw.dgn
May-19 CPTD (FTW) Concrete Pavement Terminus Details cptd-ftw.pdf cptd-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 CP-TEP (FTW) Concrete Pavement Ties to Existing Pavement cptep-ftw.pdf cptep-ftw.dgn
* May-19 CRMS (FTW) Concrete Riprap Mow Strips crms-ftw.pdf crms-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 CSAB (FTW) Cement Stablized Abutment Backfill Bridge Abutment csab-ftw.pdf csab-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 CSWD (FTW) Concrete Sidewalk Details cswd-ftw.pdf cswd-ftw.dgn
Nov-20 JS (FTW) Concrete Paving Details Joint Seals js-ftw.pdf js-ftw.dgn
** Feb-04 PCTB -03 (FW) Concrete Traffic Barrier - Precast Type 2 pctbfw.pdf pctbfw.dgn
May-19 LPD (FTW) Landscape Paver Details lpd-ftw.pdf lpd-ftw.dgn
May-19 RW - SMR Typical Retaining Wall Safety Maintenance Rail rwsmr-ftw.pdf rwsmr-ftw.dgn
May-19 SW3P Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan sw3p-ftw.pdf sw3p-ftw.dgn
May-19 TPD (FTW) Tree Planting Details tpd-ftw.pdf tpd-ftw.dgn
May-19 TSCD (FTW) Temporary Stream Crossing Detail tscd-ftw.pdf tscd-ftw.dgn

* Does not include mow strip for MBGF. Use Design Division standard GF (31)MS to include the mow strip on MBGF.
**Only use this standard when existing stockpiles are available. Do not use standard for furnish and install.


Traffic Standards
Rev. Date Standard Name Description File Names
May-21 PTS (FTW) 21 Portable Traffic Signal PTS (FTW) - 21 pts-21(ftw).pdf pts-21(ftw).dgn
Sep-12 TP-80(12) (FTW) Traffic Signal Support Structures - Timber Pole Assemblies tp-80(12)-ftw.pdf tp-80(12)-ftw.dgn