Tabulation of Bids for Project MMC - 641439001

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County:BRAZOSLet Date:08/10/22
Type:HOT MIXSeq No:1708
Time:120 CALENDAR DAYSProject ID:MMC - 641439001
Highway:SH0006Contract #:08221708
To:VARIOUSMisc Cost:
Estimate$235,500.00% Over/UnderCompany
Bidder 1$218,000.00-7.43%KNIFE RIVER CORPORATION - SOUTH
Item CodeDescriptionUnitQuantityUnit Est.BidderUnit Bid
80116003D-GR HMA(SQ) TY D PG 70-22 (PICKUP)TON250.00090.001
80116004D-GR HMA(SQ) TY D PG 70-22 (DELIVERY)TON500.000112.001
80116005D-GR HMA(SQ) TY F PG 64-22 (PICKUP)TON250.00090.001
80116006D-GR HMA(SQ) TY F PG 64-22 (DELIVERY)TON500.000112.001
80116016D-GR HMA(SQ)TY C PG 64-22 (PICKUP)TON250.00090.001
80116017D-GR HMA(SQ)TY C PG 64-22 (DELIVERY)TON500.000112.001