Detail Letting Schedule for Culberson County (FY 2013)

Last Update: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Culberson County (FY 2013)

CCSJ: 0233-01-043

District: El Paso Let Date: APR 2013
Highway: US 62 Let Status: Actual
Project ID: STP 2013(770) CSJ: 0233-01-043
Description: SEAL COAT Handling
Limits From: 10 MI E OF SH 54 Fund Cat: 1
Limits To: 20 MI E OF SH 54 Estimate: $655,695
Length: 10.0 Miles Actual: $609,720

Totals for 0233-01-043
Length: 10.0 Miles
Estimate: $655,695
Actual: $609,720

Handling Code Definition
XX Project not processed through statewide letting
TR Transfer of funds
LC Project let through local entity
NC Project not charged against district apportionment

Let Status Definition
Tentative Estimated letting date for this project
Approved Project has administrative approval to be let
Actual Project was let to contract