State Let Construction Contracts For December 2014

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Updated Wednesday, October 29, 2014 @ 6:30:27 PM (CST)

State Let Construction Contracts For December 2014 (Total Projects: 41)
District County Highway Type of Work Let Date Project No. Control CSJ Est. Cost Waived/
AmarilloShermanSH 15NEW LOCATION 2 LANE RDWY12/02/14STP 2015(456)0790-03-023 $2,157,501.50 F
AustinHaysIH 35BASE REPAIR & OVERLAY (IH 35 SBFR)12/02/14NH 2015(352)0016-02-140 $1,747,436.91 F
BeaumontOrangeFM 105OVERLAY EXISTING ROADWAY12/02/14STP 2015(463)0883-02-079 $352,403.43 F
BrownwoodSan SabaFM 580PROVIDE ADD'L PAVED SURFACE WIDTH12/02/14STP 2015(389)HES0231-14-017 $4,992,219.65 F
DallasDentonSH 114CONSTRUCT INTERCHANGE12/02/14C 353-2-630353-02-063 $30,642,243.65
DallasNavarroSH 31FULL DEPTH CONCRETE REPAIR, LEVEL-UP AND OVERLAY12/02/14NH 2015(392)0162-04-055 $5,234,488.78 F
HoustonBrazoriaSH 35IMPROVE TRAFFIC SIGNAL12/02/14STP 2015(414)HES0178-02-087 $566,328.00 F
LaredoDuvalSH 16ONE COURSE SURFACE TREAT, PAV MRKS12/02/14STP 2015(384)0517-08-017 $3,207,541.83 F
LubbockHockleyUS 385MILL REWORK BASE HOT MIX & TOM12/02/14STP 2015(398)0227-05-021 $1,130,846.22 F
LubbockLubbockUS 62CONVERT NON-FREEWAY TO FREEWAY12/02/14NH 2013(647)0380-01-078 $34,988,099.81 F
LufkinSabineUS 96RESURFACE WITH MICROSURFACING12/02/14NH 2015(418)0064-06-052 $1,896,556.75 F
PharrCameronUS 281REHABILITATE & WIDEN ROADWAY12/02/14STP 2015(380)0220-03-027 $5,720,959.77 F
San AngeloRealUS 83REHABILITATE EXISTING ROAD12/02/14STP 2015(350)0036-05-033 $6,218,000.00 F
San AntonioAtascosaUS 281AGRADING, BASE, SURFACE, AND PAVEMENT MARKINGS12/02/14STP 2015(368)0073-13-009 $1,889,405.89 F
San AntonioBexarSS 537MILL, BASE REPAIR, OVERLAY AND PAVEMENT MARKINGS12/02/14STP 2015(370)MM0253-04-148 $1,284,726.05 F
San AntonioUvaldeFM 117BASE REPAIR, SURFACE AND PAVEMENT MARKINGS12/02/14STP 2015(369)0236-01-022 $2,821,397.60 F
Wichita FallsWichitaBU 287JOVERLAY12/02/14NH 2015(401)0043-17-028 $4,565,675.96 F
YoakumDe WittUS 87ACP OVERLAY12/02/14NH 2015(425)0143-08-089 $3,067,375.85 F
YoakumFayetteFM 153SAFETY TREAT FIXED OBJECTS12/02/14STP 2015(429)HRR0807-03-032 $446,425.50 F
AtlantaTitusIH 3012/03/14NH 2015(407)0610-03-079 $31,253,090.65 F
BeaumontJasperUS 96OVERLAY EXISTING ROADWAY12/03/14NH 2015(464)0064-08-054 $1,396,714.70 F
BeaumontLibertyUS 90INSTALL SIGNALS & SAFETY LIGHTING AT INTERSECTIONS12/03/14STP 2015(409)HES0028-03-102 $243,503.25W F
BeaumontOrangeIH 10DISTRICT SEAL COAT12/03/14STP 2015(413)0028-09-117 $8,185,206.50 F
BrownwoodEastlandFM 571REPLACE BRIDGE AND APPROACHES12/03/14BR 2015(462)0570-01-019 $1,354,624.57 F
Corpus ChristiLive OakUS 59TEXTURIZE SHOULDERS AND CENTERLINE12/03/14STP 2015(376)HES0542-06-047 $977,353.60 F
DallasDallasUS 80CONC FULL DEPTH REPAIR ON JUGHANDLES AND FR RD12/03/14NH 2015(391)0095-10-053 $1,497,225.72 F
DallasEllisUS 77REHABILITATION OF TRAFFIC SIGNALS12/03/14NH 2015(390)0048-03-087 $297,684.85W F
DallasKaufmanFM 429TEXTURIZE SHOULDERS AND CENTERLINE12/03/14STP 2015(393)HES0697-03-027 $250,148.56W F
HoustonFort BendUS 90AASPHALT OVERLAY & ONE-WAY PAIR CONVERSION12/03/14STP 2014(913)0027-06-056 $4,179,447.16 F
HoustonHarrisIH 10CONSTRUCT U-TURN LANE12/03/14NH 2015(416)0508-01-349 $659,926.53 F
LubbockHaleVAREMOVE AND INSTALL LARGE GUIDE SIGNS12/03/14NH 2015(399)0905-12-041 $294,949.32W F
OdessaWinklerSH 302REHABILITATION OF EXISTING ROAD12/03/14STP 2015(349)0463-06-025 $6,322,573.80 F
ParisFranklinFM 71REHAB EXISTING ROADWAY12/03/14STP 2015(422)0546-07-013 $4,097,581.96 F
San AngeloTom GreenVAPAVEMENT MARKINGS12/03/14STP 2015(351)0907-00-162 $1,014,940.90 F
San AntonioComalIH 35INSTALL PAVMENT MARKINGS ON SHOULDERS12/03/14STP 2015(359)HES0016-04-109 $1,053,176.08 F
San AntonioUvaldeUS 90GRAD, END TREAT, RAISED PAV'T MRK12/03/14STP 2015(367)HES0023-05-081 $1,069,138.22 F
TylerGreggSH 31WELCOME SIGN, ORNAMENTAL FENCE, PLANTS12/03/14STP 1402(088)0138-08-026 $266,155.00W F
Wichita FallsCookeUS 82OVERLAY12/03/14NH 2015(403)0044-08-068 $1,874,870.82 F
Wichita FallsWichitaSH 25THIN OVERLAY (TOM)12/03/14STP 2015(404)0137-02-027 $1,395,676.37 F
YoakumAustinSH 159ADD SHOULDERS12/03/14STP 2015(428)0408-02-045 $10,728,899.45 F
YoakumGonzalesSH 97REHABILITATE EXISTING ROADWAY12/03/14STP 2015(427)0347-01-028 $11,012,461.38 F