Maintenance Standards

Last Update: Wednesday, December 07, 2016


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Maintenance Division CAD Standard Plan Files


Note: 1.

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Best results are achieved when using one of the following files when plotting.


A. irp.tbl

Iplot/Hplot pentable.


B. statelzr.plt

Microstation 4.0 plot configuration file for HP LaserJet Postcript printers.


C. fullbwe.plt

Microstation 95 plot HP/GL2 plotfiles for HP DesignJet plotters. Such as HP755CM or HP650C.


D. ljetpsbe.plt

Microstation 95 plot driver file for HP LaserJet Postcript printers. Such as HP4MV and HP5SI. Supporting files also needed are controld and, these supporting files are to reside in the same directory as the ljetpsbe.plt.


Memorandums of Issued/Revised Standards

(From April 2004 to Present)



File Name


Revised Mailbox Mounting Details (MB-04) Standard Sheets

PDF Icon - 42.24KB - Click Here to View MEMO0304.pdf


2004 Maintenance Standards Details

PDF Icon - 374.15KB - Click Here to View MEMO0704.pdf


2004 Maintenance Standards Revisions

PDF Icon - 2.86M - Click Here to View MEMO0904.pdf


Revised Mailbox, Roadside Traffic Control Plan, Post and Cable, and Obsolete Standard Drawings

PDF Icon - 1.90M - Click Here to View MEMO0205.pdf


Mailbox Standard, MB-05(1) and MB-05(2)

PDF Icon - 188.08KB - Click Here to View MEMO0605.pdf


Mailbox Standard, MB-06(1) and MB-06(2)

PDF Icon - 52.78KB - Click Here to View MEMO1106.pdf


Mailbox Standard, MB-09(1) and MB-09(2) & Tree and Brush Removal Standards, TRB-09(1) and TRB-09 (2)

PDF Icon - 343.85KB - Click Here to View MEMO1109.pdf


Mailbox Standard, MB-11(1)

PDF Icon - 27.50KB - Click Here to View MEMO0111.pdf

07-01-14 2014 Mailbox Standards Memo PDF Icon - 27.50KB - Click Here to View MEMO0714.pdf
04-13-15 2015 Mailbox Standards; 2015 Tree and Brush Removal Standards PDF Icon - 27.50KB - Click Here to View MEMO0415.pdf


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Maintenance Division CAD Standard Plan Files



File Name

MB-15 (1)

Mailbox Mounting and Spacing (Sheet 1 of 4)

PDF Icon - 1.75M - Click Here to View MB-15(1).dgn

MB-15 (1)

Mailbox Bracket Connecting Details (Sheet 2 of 4)


MB-15 (1)

Mailbox Support/ Foundation (Sheet 3 of 4)


MB-15 (1)

Table of DHT Numbers (Sheet 4 of 4)


MB-14 (2)

Mailbox Road Side Placement, Spacing and Turnouts

PDF Icon - 223.54KB - Click Here to View MB-14(2).dgn


Sweeping Highways

PDF Icon - 182.77KB - Click Here to View SWEEP04.dgn

TRB-15 (1)

Tree and Brush Removal (Sheet 1 of 2)

PDF Icon - 752.85KB - Click Here to View TRB15.dgn

TRB-15 (2)

Tree and Brush Removal (Sheet 2 of 2)

PDF Icon - 296.87KB - Click Here to View TRB15_2.dgn


Strip Mowing Non-Divided Highways

PDF Icon - 201.92KB - Click Here to View SMOWND04.dgn


Strip Mowing Divided Highways

PDF Icon - 410.23KB - Click Here to View SMOWD04.dgn


Roadside Traffic Control Plan

PDF Icon - 688.74KB - Click Here to View RSTCP05.dgn


Post and Cable Fence

PDF Icon - 254.06KB - Click Here to View PCF05.dgn