Texas Freight Advisory Committee

Rolando G. Ortiz

Manager - Killam Development, Ltd.

Rolando Ortiz is the real estate development manager for Killam Development, Ltd in Laredo, Texas. He is responsible for all leasing, facilities management, maintenance, marketing, planning, construction and property value enhancement. He has been with Killam since 1996. As a manager he makes direct recommendations to the general partners on leasing, build-outs and allowances on leasing considerations. He also advises the organization’s financial and legal teams on strategies to ensure minimum liability of investment. From 1988 to 1996, Ortiz worked at Levcor, Inc. in Houston. At Levcor, he was responsible for all leasing, planning and construction as well as property management of twelve retail shopping centers over 2 million square feet.

Ortiz has worked extensively in the community in key leadership roles and has served as past president and chairman of the Laredo Development Foundation and president of the Laredo Builders Association. He holds a degree in business administration from Southwest Texas State University and an MBA from Texas A&M International University.