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Round 1
Round 2
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Summer 2016
Spring 2016
Listening Sessions Format
Executive Summary
Freight and Economic Development: Driving the Texas Economy
Freight Transportation Measures
Highway Development of Recommendations
Goals, Objectives and Performance Measures
Identifying Planned and Programmed Projects on the Texas Freight Network
Maritime Development of Recommendations
Preliminary Texas Freight Flow Summary
Preliminary Texas Freight Network
Rail Development of Recommendations
Texas Freight Highway Network
Texas Freight Mobility Plan Framework
Texas Transportation Commission's 2013 Federal Priorities
Trends and Issues
Freight Leadership Summit Format
Panel One: Efficient Freight Movement as the Key of Texas' Economic Vitality and Competitiveness
Panel Two: The Role of Transportation in Maintaining Texas' Advantage in Manufacturing, Retail and Energy Sectors
Panel Three: Increasing Texas' Global Trade, Economic Development and Commerce through a Robust Multimodal Transportation System
Fact Sheets Format
Air Cargo
Seaports & Waterways
White Papers Format
A Primer on Public Sector Freight Performance Measures
Freight and Economic Development: Driving the Texas Economy
Freight Movement in Texas: Trends and Issues
Goals, Objectives and Performance Measures
Inland Ports: Economic Generators in Texas?
Preliminary Texas Freight Network
Texas Priority Corridors of Commerce: Shaping the Future of Freight Movement