Rigoberto Villarreal

Rigoberto Villarreal

Superintendent, McAllen-Hidalgo and Anzalduas International Bridges

On October 11, 2010, Rigoberto Villarreal was appointed Superintendent of McAllen-Hidalgo and Anzalduas International Bridges. He oversees the operations of two of the highest traveled bridges in the Rio Grande Valley. His extensive background in public administration, community and public relations, and management of government projects and services is utilized in his continuous efforts for improvements towards the success of both bridges.

Mr. Villarreal, appointed by the Texas Transportation Commission, currently serves as a member of the Border Trade Advisory TXDoT, the Governor and committee members representing border trade interests. The committee's advice and recommendations provides them with a broad prospective regarding the effect of transportation choices on border trade in general and on particular communities. As a member of this committee, Mr. Villarreal also provides an avenue of interested parties to express opinions with regard to border trade issues.

In 2004, Mr. Villarreal was the Public Relations Coordinator for State House Representative Kino Flores, where he served in an advisory capacity, and represented the office at public events when Representative Flores was unavailable, as well as provided input and researched house and senate bills affecting District 36. In 2007, Mr. Villarreal served as Chief of Staff for Hidalgo County Judge JD Salinas. He reported directly to the County Judge and served as liaison between the office and its departments as well as other elected officials. He also represented the County Judge in his absence. Since the late 1980's, Mr. Villarreal has worked on various campaigns ranging from County wide elected office to campaigning for a United States Senator. These elected officials counted on Mr. Villarreal's expertise on campaign finance and fundraising processes.

He was also a major contributor and planner in the negotiations and details of a $40M border-wall and levee project, and contributed extensively on Hidalgo county-wide budget issues and provided input and recommendations for the county's multi-million dollar budget and budget surplus of $27M. He has led initiatives that resulted in statewide recognition for hurricane preparedness. Mr. Villarreal has been instrumental in establishing seamless and transparent operational and public access for all aspects of the gubernatorial offices through the development and implementation of web-based applications and initiatives.

His previous community and professional experience consists of:

  • Program Administrator for the Office of the Attorney General
  • South Texas Community College Advisory Committee Member
  • Governor Rick Perry Appointee to the Private Prison Oversight Authority Board
  • Previous Hidalgo County Civil Service Commission, Member and Chairperson

After being a migrant farm worker, traveling to Minnesota and Iowa, Mr. Villarreal pursued his education at the University of Texas, Pan American where he earned his Bachelor's of Social Work as well as his Masters in Public Administration in 1994. Mr. Villarreal is married and has twins, a boy, David Julian and a girl, Carlette.