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Pharr District English Standards

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The following Pharr District Standard Sheets are provided in MicroStation J (V. design file (.DGN) and Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format. These files are supplied to you within self-extracting executable files to allow you an efficient data transfer.

The index that follows lists the individual design files with a description of the standard sheet(s) contained of files available for transfer.

Double-clicking on the .EXE file after you receive it will "unpack" it into the design file(s) listed.

English Standards

MicroStation (exe)
Index Sheet index.dgn index.pdf
Border Area Details Standards
Sidewalk & Wheelchair Ramp Details sidewalk.dgn sidewalk.pdf
Mailbox Details mailbox.dgn mailbox.pdf
Bus Bay Det. Std. busbay.dgn busbay.pdf
Curb & Gutter Details c&g.dgn c&g.pdf
Concrete Curb Details curb.dgn curb.pdf
Driveway Details Standards
Driveways 1 driveway1.dgn driveway1.pdf
Driveways 2 driveway2.dgn driveway2.pdf
Driveways 3 driveway3.dgn driveway3.pdf
Pavement Reconnect Areas Details pavement.dgn pavement.pdf
Manholes Details Standards
Type "A" & Type "A1" Manhole (Complete) manhole1.dgn manhole1.pdf
Type "M" Manhole (Junction Box with Access) manhole2.dgn manhole2.pdf
Inlet Details Standards
Inlet TY "A" Inlet (Complete) inleta.dgn inleta.pdf
Inlet TY "A" (SPL1) Details inletaspl1.dgn inletaspl1.pdf
Inlet TY "A" (SPL2) Details inletaspl2.dgn inletaspl2.pdf
Inlet TY "A" (SPL3) Details inletaspl3.dgn inletaspl3.pdf
Inlet TY "A" (SPL4) Details inletaspl4.dgn inletaspl4.pdf
Inlet TY "C" Details inletc.dgn inletc.pdf
Inlet TY "C" (SPL-1) Details inletcspl1.dgn inletcspl1.pdf
Inlet TY "C" (SPL-2) Details inletcspl2.dgn inletcspl2.pdf
Inlet TY "CC" Details inletcc.dgn inletcc.pdf
Inlet TY "F" Inlet Details inletf.dgn inletf.pdf
Inlet TY "F" (SPL-1) Details inletfspl1.dgn inletfspl1.pdf
Inlet TY "L1" Details inletl1.dgn inletl1.pdf
Inlet TY "L2" Details inletl2.dgn inletl2.pdf
Inlet TY "L3" Grated Inlet Details inletl3moment.dgn inletl3moment.pdf
Inlet & Manhole Capping Details capdet.dgn capdet.pdf
Irrigation Details Standards
Irrigation Crossing Details irrig1.dgn irrig1.pdf
Irrigation Stem Gate Details irrig2.dgn irrig2.pdf
Irrigation Access Hatch Details irrig3.dgn irrig3.pdf
Miscellaneous Standards
District Standard for Landscape Pavers paver_std.dgn paver_std.pdf
Epic Sheet epic_sheet.dgn epic_sheet.pdf
MBGF Riprap and Leaveout Detail mbgf_rr.dgn mbgf_rr.pdf
Railroad Crossing Miscellaneous Det. rr.dgn rr.pdf
Short Radius Rail End Treatment Det. curvmbgf.dgn curvmbgf.pdf
Safety End Treatment Details set.dgn set.pdf
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program sw3p.dgn sw3p.pdf
Conc. Pipe Collar Details collar.dgn collar.pdf
Temporary Erosion Control Log teclog.dgn teclog.pdf
Palm Planting & Bracing by Tree Spade palmtree2006.dgn palmtree2006.pdf
District TCP Notes district-tcp-gen-notes.dgn district-tcp-gen-notes.pdf

For information regarding Pharr District Standards, contact Jeff Hollenhead at (956) 702-6178.