Texas Department of Transportation

TxDOT’s goal is to address gridlock for Texas drivers statewide.

To deliver on this commitment, we are putting Texans’ money to work. In November of 2014 and 2015, Texas voters approved extra funding in the forms of two amendments:

  • Proposition 1 – which directs a portion of oil and gas tax revenues into the State Highway Fund.
  • Proposition 7 – which directs a portion of the state’s general sales and use tax, and motor vehicle sales and rental taxes to the State Highway Fund.

With this additional funding and collaboration with local transportation leaders across the state, TxDOT has dedicated $1.3 billion to the following metro areas in an effort to address congestion. These projects have now been approved and included in the state’s Unified Transportation Program (UTP), our 10-year project development plan:

Metro Area Formula Distribution Funding ($ million)
Austin 12.2% $158.6
Dallas 28.0% $364.0
Fort Worth 12.6% $163.8
Houston 34.1% $443.3
San Antonio 13.1% $170.3
100.0% $1,300.00

Projects Funded Through Construction

"Shovel-ready" projects have moved beyond the planning and development phases, and are ready for construction but unfunded. These projects will be the first to use this new source of funding to immediately address congestion on the busiest roadways in Texas.

Other Ways TxDOT Helps Reduce Congestion

  • Supporting multimodal (car pooling, ride sharing, mass transit, walking and bicycling) project development.
  • Flexible work schedules for TxDOT employees.
  • Telecommuting (working from home or remotely).
  • Health and fitness programs.