Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
43.826 2010


Minute Order 019640, dated 09/22/1942

From SH 37 south of Winnsboro to Coke.  New Designation.

Minute Order 021215,  dated 06/11/1945  (date of agreement)

From SH 37 south of  Winnsboro, west to Coke and thence south to another point on SH 37 north of Quitman. (Wood County)  Adds section Coke south to SH 37.

Adm.Order, dated 12/16/1946

From SH 37 in Winnsboro, via Pleasant Grove to Coke and then south to SH 37 north of Quitman. (Wood County)  Description revised to conform with approved location. (Length 15.5 miles)

Minute Order 041165, dated 11/21/1956, , Adm. Cir., 04-1957, dated 01/15/1957

From SH 37 north of Quitman northward and eastward via Coke and Pleasant Grove to SH 11 east of Winnsboro, a distance of approximately 17.6 miles. (Wood County)  Extended eastward ap-proximately 2.5 miles.

Adm. Auth., dated 12/21/1959 & 12/31/1959; Adm. Circ. 15-1960, dated 01/15/1960

From SH 37 north of Quitman, northward via Coke to SH 11 at Como; and then from another point on SH 11 at Como, northward to US 67; and from another point on US 67, northward, eastward, and northward via Dike and Sulphur Bluff to a point approx. 2.0 miles north of FM 71, a total distance of approx. 43.9 miles. (Wood and Hopkins Counties)  Section from Coke eastward approximately 11.2 miles to SH 11 east of Winnsboro transferred to FM 515; section of FM 1483 from Coke westward approximately 0.1 mile to FM 2476 transferred to this FM; FM 2476 cancelled and combined, adding approximately 3.4 miles. Section of FM 270 from present junction with FM 2476, northward approximately  33.9 miles to a point approximately 2 miles north of FM 71 transferred to this FM .

From approximately 2.0 miles north of FM 71 southward to FM 71, then eastward concurrent with FM 71 approximately 0.4 mile, then south and southwestward to SH 11 in Como, then southeastward concurrent with SH 11 for approximately 0.3 mile, then south and southeastward to FM 515, then eastward concurrent with FM 515 for approximately 0.1 mile, then southward to SH 37, a total distance of approximately 44.5 miles. (Hopkins and Wood Counties) Description amended to reflect designation changes to intersecting routes.