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Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
28.256 2010


Minute Order 020303, dated 11/15/1943

From Elsa north to a point on SH 136.  (Hidalgo County)  New Designation.

Minute Order 020593, dated 05/18/1944

From a point on SH 186, via Elsa and Weslaco to Progresso.  (Hidalgo County)  Extended from Elsa via Weslaco to Progresso.

Adm. Auth., dated 09/22/1953

From SH 186 southward via Elsa and Weslaco to US 281 near Progresso; and from another point on US 281, southward to the Rio Grande, a distance of approximately 31.4 miles.  (Willacy and Hidalgo Counties)  FM 2067 cancelled and combined, adding approx. 1.6 miles.

Minute Order 053651, dated 10/24/1963; Adm. Auth., dated 10/09/1961; Adm. Cir. 153-1963, dated 11/01/1963

From SH 186 southward via Elsa and Weslaco to US 281 west of Progresso, a distance of approximately 28.2 miles.  (Willacy and Hidalgo Counties) Relocated between Weslaco and US 281, and section from present junction with US 281 southward to the Rio Grande, transferred to FM 1015; a net decrease of approx. 3.2 miles.

Minute Order 105686, dated 06/27/1995; DesLtr 03-1995, dated 06/30/1995
Minute Order 115371, dated 11/15/2018 (Rescinds Minute Order 105686)

Minute Order 105686: From SH 186 southward to US 83, a distance of approx. 22.070 miles. (Willacy and Hidalgo Counties)  Mileage from US 83 southward to US 281 transferred to UR 88.

Minute Order 115371 general description: Minute Order 115371 rescinds Minute Order 105686. The result of this rescission is the elimination of the Urban Road (UR) system. The Farm to Market (FM) and Ranch to Market (RM) roadways which were intended to be redesignated as Urban Roads under the provisions of Minute Order 105686 revert back to their FM/RM designations. Minute Order 115371 declares that the provisions of Minute Order 105686 were never implemented, and although the UR designations were in effect during the interim between these two Minute Orders, the affected roadways continued to be referred to by their FM or RM designations. Only the Highway Designation Files made reference to the UR designations during this interim period. Upon the passing of Minute Order 115371, the affected Highway Designation Files have been updated retroactively to reflect the FM/RM designations.

Minute Order 115371 as it affects FM 88: Any mileage that was previously described as "transferred to UR 88" reverts back to FM 88. This is retroactive to the date of passage of Minute Order 105686. The Highway Designation File page for UR 88 has been removed.