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Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
43.128 2010


Minute Order 027627, dated 11/01/1949, Adm. Order, dated 11/01/1949

From the Wheeler County Line southward to FM 1036 at Dozier, a distance of approximately 7.0 miles. (Collingsworth County)  New Designation (Portion of this route was formerly incorporated in FM 1036).

Minute Order 030386, dated 05/23/1951

From US 66 at Lela southward to FM 1036 at Dozier, a distance of approximately 10.0 miles. (Wheeler and Collingsworth Counties)  Extended approximately 3.0 miles from Collingsworth County Line to US 66.

Minute Order 041157, dated 11/21/56, Adm. Cir., 008-1957, dated 02/01/1957

From FM 1036 at Dozier northward via Lela to a road intersection, a distance of approximately 13.0 miles. (Collingsworth and Wheeler Counties) Extended northward approximately 3.0 miles.

Adm. Auth., dated 06/01/1966; Adm. Cir., 057-1966, dated 06/01/1966

From IH 40 at Lela, southward and southwestward approximately 43.1 miles via Dozier and Quail to US 287 in Memphis. (Wheeler, Collingsworth, and Hall Counties)  Section from Lela northward approximately 3.0 miles transferred to FM 3075; section of FM 1036 from Dozier westward approximately 3.0 miles to FM 1056 transferred to this FM; section of FM 1056 from its intersection with FM,  southward approximately 14.8 miles to FM 2166 transferred to this FM; FM 2166 combined adding approximately 15.2 miles. Signing effective   01/01/1967. 

Minute Order 109440, dated 09/25/2003; DesLtr 4-2003, dated 09/26/2003

No change to description. At District’s request, FM 1547 extended on new location, along Montgomery St from Third St to US 287, on the state highway system, and removed former location of FM 1547, along Third St and then Main St from the state highway system.

Minute Order 114918, dated 04/27/2017

In the city of Memphis, a segment of FM 1547 was removed from the state highway system from US 287 eastward along Montgomery Street to 3rd Street, a distance of approximately 0.2 mile. Control, jurisdiction and maintenance were transferred to the city of Memphisa. FM 1547 was also designated on a new location from US 287 southward along 7th Street, eastward along Bradford, and northeastward to 3rd Street, a distance of approximately 0.3 mileb. (Hall County)

  • a Removal of Designation (Partial Route)
  • b Rerouting (Partial Route): On Location of Off-System Roadway