Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
13.619 2010


Minute Order 020241, dated 10/06/1943

From a point on US 80 north, east of Mesquite, via Mesquite to a point on US 175 in Dallas.  Replaces part of SH 183.

Adm. Auth., dated 02/17/1964; Adm. Cir. 034-1964, dated 03/15/1964

From US 80 northeast of Mesquite via Mesquite to US 80 in Dallas. Western terminus extended approximately 1.9 miles over old location US 175 to US 80.

Minute Order 091736, dated 06/25/1991; Adm. Ltr. 003-1991, dated 08/23/1991

From IH 30 in Dallas, southeastward, eastward, and northward approximately 13.5 miles to US 80, northeast of Mesquite.  (Dallas County) New description; as requested by District, section of approximately 0.4 mile, from IH 30 northwestward along the one-way pair of 1st and 2nd Avenues, to their junctions with Elm and Commerce Streets, be removed from the State Highway System and returned to the City of Dallas for jurisdiction and maintenance.