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Transportation Planning and Programming Division
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Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
135.031 2010


Minute Order 022013, dated 05/15/1946

From a point on US 84, approximately 1.5 miles southeast of Coleman, westward to an intersection with Commercial Ave near the south city limits of Coleman; thence south approximately 1 mile to intersection with US 67 near Coleman Airport, with a spur northward into Coleman along Commercial Ave to end of pavement, a total distance of approximately 2.8 miles.  (Coleman County)  New Designation.

Highway Designations Circular No. 007-1947, dated 06/17/1947

Cancelled.  Inasmuch as Coleman SL 175 covers this designation.

Minute Order 036579, dated 08/24/1954; Adm. Cir. 007-1955, dated 02/01/1955

From US 59 in Beeville, along US 181 to Skidmore; thence via Mathis, Alice, and Hebbronville to Laredo.  Old route of US 59 cancelled and redesignated as SH 359 effective the date official Highway Travel Map is released to the public.

Minute Order 048191, dated 08/23/1960; Adm. Cir. 181-1960, dated 12/01/1960

From US 181 at Skidmore via Mathis, Alice, and Hebbronville to Laredo.  (Bee, San Patricio, Duval, Jim Hogg, and Webb Counties)  Dual designation with US 181 from Beeville to Skidmore removed.

Minute Order 043286, dated 01/22/1958

No change to description.  Relocation in Alice to Front St, remove Main St.

  Minute Order 113696, dated 08/29/2013; DesLtr 03-2013, dated 02/18/2014

From US 181 at Skidmore and westward via Mathis, Alice, Hebbronville intersecting with SS 259 and SL 20 (Bob Bullock Loop) to US 83 in Laredo. (Bee, San Patricio, Duval, Jim Hogg, and Webb Counties) A segment of State Loop 20 was redesignated as State Spur 259 from SH 359 southward to SL 20, a distance of approximately 0.2 mile.