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Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
8.238 2010


Minute Order 050665, dated 01/26/1962; Adm. Cir. 025-1962, dated 02/01/1962

San Antonio Loop - From IH 10 near northwest city limit of San Antonio, southward along old route of US 87 to IH 10 and Woodlawn Ave. (Bexar County)  New designation; mileage transferred from old location US 87; to be marked as US 87 business route.

Minute Order 114169, dated 12/18/2014; DesLtr 4-2014, dated 03/02/2015

State Loop 345 was removed from the state highway system from Balcones Heights city limit southward to I-10, a distance of approximately 2.7 miles; control, jurisdiction and maintenance were transferred to the city of San Antonio.