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Transportation Planning and Programming Division
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Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
8.115 2010


Minute Order 051636, dated 08/01/1962; Adm. Cir. 123-1962, dated 09/04/1962

San Antonio Loop - From IH 35 at Fratt, southwestward along the old route of US 81 to IH 35 and Broadway. (Bexar County)  New designation; to be marked as US 81 business route.

Minute Order 114170, dated 12/18/2014; DesLtr 4-2014, dated 03/02/2015

State Loop 368 was removed from the state highway system from Alamo Heights city limit southward to I-35, a distance of approximately 2.2 miles; control, jurisdiction and maintenance were transferred to the city of San Antonio.

Minute Order 114219, dated 02/26/2015; DesLtr 1-2015, dated 06/05/2015

Minute Order 114170 was amended to provide that the removal from the system and transfer of jurisdiction, control, and maintenance of SL 368 from Alamo Heights city limit south to I-35, a distance of approximately 2.2 miles, and will occur upon issuance of the Project Acceptance Letter for project CSJ 0016-08-034. All other provisions of the minute order remain unchanged.