Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority


Minute Order 017233, dated 05/09/1940

Jewett Spur - From a point on US 79 east of Jewett to Newby.  (Leon County)  Approval.

Minute Order 027302, dated 08/25/1949

Cancelled.  (Leon County)  Cancelled and combined with FM 1512.

Minute Order 047658, dated 04/25/1960; Adm. Cir. 164-1961, dated 08/26/1961

Grapevine Spur - From present SH 121 in Grapevine, southward along Main St extension to proposed SH 114.  (Tarrant County)  New Designation.

Minute Order # 110740, dated 10/26/2006; DesLtr 4-2006, dated 12/15/2006

Cancelled. (Tarrant County) At district’s request, removed SS 103 from the state highway system, from the intersection of SH 26 northward to 0.9 mile north of the intersection of SH 26, a distance of approximately 0.9 mile, and returned to the city of Grapevine for control, jurisdiction, and maintenance.