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Transportation Planning and Programming Division
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Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
0.77 2010


Minute Order 024468, dated 01/27/1948; Adm. Cir. 008-1948

McKinney Loop - From junction with proposed route US 75 south of McKinney, northward along present road through McKinney via Tennessee St to a junction with proposed route US 75 north of McKinney.  (Collin County) New Designation.

Minute Order 036138, dated 05/25/1954; Adm. Cir. 028-1954, dated 06/15/1954; Adm. Cir. 029-1954, dated 07/01/1954

From US 75 north of McKinney, southward through McKinney over old route of US 75 to US 75, south of McKinney.  (Collin County)  For the convenience of the traveling public, route to be signed as business route of US 75; correction to retain number 203 as originally assigned.

Minute Order 050321, dated 10/28/1961; Adm. Cir. 104-1971, dated 10/15/1971

Cancelled.  (Collin County)  Removed from the designated highway system.

Minute Order 073562, dated 10/21/1977; Adm. Ltr. 011-1977, dated 11/15/1977

Weinert Loop - From new location US 277 south of Weinert, northward along old location US 277 to new location US 277 north of Weinert.  (Haskell County)  To be marked US 277 business route.

Minute Order 090522, dated 06/21/1990; Adm. Ltr. 001-1991, dated 01/14/1991

Cancelled.  (Haskell County)  Mileage transferred to BU 277-E.

Minute Order 106870, dated 06/18/1996; DesLtr 03-1996, dated 06/26/1996

Presidio Spur - From BU 67A northward approximately 1.0 mile.  (Presidio County)  New Designation.