Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
12.956 2010


Minute Order 111994, dated 09/24/09; DesLtr 3-2009, dated 10/30/2009

From SL 302 in Greenville, eastward to IH 30; then from another point on IH 30 approximately 1.9 miles east, then eastward to SH 24 in Campbell, then northeastward concurrent SH 24 for approximately 2.0 miles, then eastward and southeastward via Cumby to IH 30, a total distance of approximately 13.0 miles. (Hunt and Hopkins Counties) Description and termini amended, no change in mileage.

Minute Order 021215, dated 07/13/1945  (date of agreement)

From US 190, 3.5 miles east of San Saba, southeastward 7.5 miles to the Colony School Road (San Saba County).  New Designation

Adm. Ord., dated 12/13/1951

Canceled. (San Saba County)  Combined with FM  580.

Minute Order 033705, dated 01/23/1953

From US 67, approximately 0.7 miles east of Greenville eastward to US 67 east of Cumby, a distance of approximately 22.2 miles. (Hunt and Hopkins Counties)  System Transfer. Formerly old route of US 67.

Minute Order 055928, dated 05/01/1965, Adm. Cir. 045-1965, dated 05/15/1965

From BU 67 at Greenville, eastward to IH 30; and from another point on IH 30, eastward to SH 50, and from another point on SH 50, eastward via Campbell and Cumby to IH 30, a total distance of approximately 13.2 miles. (Hunt and Hopkins Counties)  Redescribed due to various highway number changes and section from present FM 819 southwestward approximately 1.7 miles transferred  to SH 50. System Transfer.