Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
11.679 2010


Minute Order 055928, dated 05/01/65; Adm. Circ.045-1965, dated 05/15/1965

From IH 30 at Elephant Hill interchange, northward to S.H. 24 in Commerce. (Hunt County)  New Designation--FM 819 and sections of SS 178, FM 513 and FM 499 transferred to this highway.

Minute Order 064434, dated 12/17/1970; Adm. Cir. 007-1971, dated 01/01/1971

From US 82 in Honey Grove southward over SH 34 to Ladonia. thence via Commerce to IH 30 at Elephant Hill interchange. (Fannin & Hunt Counties)  Section of SH 11 from Commerce to Ladonia redesignated as SH 50 extended northward over exist SH 34 from Ladonia. to Honey Grove.

Minute Order 108186, dated04//27/00; DesLtr 01-2000, dated 06/14/00

From US 82 in Honey Grove, southward over SH 34 to Ladonia; then via Commerce to IH 30 at Elephant Hill interchange.  (Fannin and Hunt Counties) (Current Description)  At District's request, SH 24 concurrent with SH 50 is designated on new location from the intersection of SH 24 and SH 50, north of Commerce, westward and southward to the intersection of SH 224, a distance of approximately 1 mile.

Minute Order 109245, dated 04/24/2003; DesLtr 03/2003, dated 06/27/2003

From SH 34 in Ladonia to SH 24 near IH 30 at Elephant Hill interchange, a distance of approximately 23.8 miles, then concurrently with SH 24 to Commerce. (Fannin and Hunt Counties) At district’s request, a segment of SH 50 is removed from the state highway system from SH 56 in Honey Grove, southward to the junction of SH 50 and SH 34 in Ladonia, a distance of 11.44 miles.

Minute Order 111994, dated 09/24/09; DesLtr 3-2009, dated 10/30/2009

In Ladonia, from SH 34 east and southeastward approximately 11.4 miles to SH 24 north of Commerce. (Fannin and Hunt Counties) Concurrent designation with SH 24 north of Commerce, southward approximately 12.2 miles via Commerce to IH 30 removed.