Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
110.999 2010


Original Description per Administrative Circular No. 16-1944

07/01/1932 - Beginning at Dallas 35, Kaufman 38, Athens 40, Jacksonville.

03/01/1935 - Beginning at Dallas 35, Kaufman 38, Athens 40, Jacksonville.

01/01/1939 - Beginning at Dallas 35, Kaufman 38, Athens 40, Jacksonville.

05/01/1942 - Beginning at Dallas 34, Kaufman 39, Athens 39, Jacksonville.

Minute Order 016701, dated 09/26/1939

From Dallas via Kaufman and. Athens to Jacksonville.  General redescription of Highway System.

Minute Order 090811, dated 09/26/1990; Adm. Ltr. 002-1990, 12/13/1990

In Dallas, from the junction of SS 559 and Forest Ave, southeastward via Kaufman and Athens to US 69 in Jacksonville; and then from another point on US 175 in Jacksonville, southward and eastward to US 69, a total approximate distance of 114.8 miles. (Dallas, Kaufman, Henderson, Anderson, and Cherokee Counties)  As requested by District, section of approximately  0.2 mile added from junction of US 175 and SS 386 east to US 69.

Minute Order 109530, dated 12/18/2003; DesLtr 5-2003, 12/30/2003

No change to description. (Dallas, Kaufman, Henderson, Anderson, and Cherokee Counties) At district?s request, removed the former location of US 175, locally known as Cherokee St., from the state highway system due to US 175?s new location completion and opening to traffic, and returned former location to the city of Jacksonville for control, jurisdiction, and maintenance, from FM 347 to US 69, approx. 0.2 mile.

From IH 45 in Dallas, southeastward via Seagoville, Crandall, Kaufman, Kemp, Mabank, Eustace, Athens, Poynor, Frankston and Cuney to US 69 in Jacksonville, a total distance of approximately 111 miles. (Dallas, Kaufman, Anderson and Cherokee Counties). Corrected Description.

[S. M. Wright Freeway--US 175 in Dallas County between IH 45 and SH 310 and SH 310 between US 175 and SL 12.  Acts 1997, 75th Leg., eff. Sept. 1, 1997]

Minute Order 113541, dated 3/28/2013; DesLtr 1-2013, dated 4/15/2013

From I-45 in the city of Dallas southward approximately 1.8 miles to the existing SH 310 approximately 1.8 miles. (Dallas County) NEW DESIGNATION.

Minute Order 113571, dated 4/25/2013; DesLtr 2-2013, dated 08/08/2013

From County Road 374 eastward to SH 35 approximately 0.97 mile. (Brazoria County) A segment of the route was redesignated as SH 310 and extended westward along a new location to I-45 approximately 0.6 mile.