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Texas Transportation Commission Agenda


Irving Arts Center - Carpenter Performance Hall
3333 N. MacArthur Blvd., Suite 300
Irving, Texas 75062

January 25, 2001

* * *


Receive comments from area public officials, community and civic leaders, and private citizens. Report by the Dallas District.

1. Approval of Minutes of the December 14, 2000, briefing and regular meeting of the Texas Transportation Commission

2. Aviation
Approve funding for airport improvement projects at various locations (MO)

3. Promulgation of Administrative Rules Under Title 43, Texas Administrative Code, Part I, Pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act, the Government Code, Chapter 2001:

a. Proposed Adoption

(1) Chapter 1 - Management (MO)
New 1.600, Restrictions on Assignment of Vehicles (Vehicle Fleet Management)

(2) Chapter 23 - Travel Information (MO)

Repeal of 23.40-23.47, Memorandum of Understanding with Texas Department of Commerce and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and New 23.40, Memorandum of Understanding with the Texas Department of Economic Development, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Texas Commission on the Arts, and the Texas Historical Commission

b. Final Adoption

(1) Chapter 17 - Vehicle Titles and Registration (MO)

Amendments to 17.2, 17.3, and 17.8 (Motor Vehicle Certificates of Title)

(2) Chapter 17 - Vehicle Titles and Registration (MO)

Amendments to 17.51, Registration Reciprocity Agreements

(3) Chapter 31 - Public Transportation (MO)

New 31.22, Federal Programs; Amendments to 31.1 and 31.3, General; Amendments to 31.11 and 31.13, State Programs; Amendments to 31.16, 31.21, 31.26, 31.31, 31.36, and 31.37 and Amendments to 31.42-31.44 and 31.48, Program Administration; Amendments to 31.53 and 31.57, Property Management Standards; and Amendments to 31.61 and 31.65, Rail Safety Oversight Program 

c. Rule Review

In accordance with Section 9-10.13, Article IX of the General Appropriations Act, and Government Code, 2001.039, as added by Senate Bill 178, 76th Legislature, Readoption of 43 TAC Chapter 1, Management; Chapter 3, Public Information; and Chapter 4, Employment Practices (MO)

4. Traffic Operations

Various Counties - Approve environmental speed limits in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (MO) 

5. Transportation Planning

a. Harris County - Advance the construction of projects on Interstate 10 (Katy Freeway) from the Fort Bend County line to IH 610, to Priority 1, Category 3A, NHS Mobility, of the 2001 UTP (MO)

b. Various Counties - Approve annual state and federal bank balance allocation programs as part of the 2002 Unified Transportation Program (MO)

c. Various Counties - Approve projects for the FY 2001 National Corridor Planning and Development Program and Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program (MO)

d. Various Counties - Approve federal funding for the replacement of transit vehicles in rural and small urbanized areas (MO)

e. Various Counties - Appoint a new member to the Grand Parkway Association Board of Directors (MO)

6. State Infrastructure Bank

a. Cass County - City of Linden - In accordance with 43 TAC 6.32 (b) and (e), consider final approval of applications from the City of Linden to borrow $210,126 from the State Infrastructure Bank to pay for the city’s participation in right of way acquisition costs and the relocation of utilities made necessary by the expansion and reconstruction of US 59 and authorize the executive director to enter into a financial assistance agreement with the City of Linden pursuant to 43 TAC, Chapter 6, Subchapter E (MO)

b. Denton County - Amend Minute Order 108343 to revise the conditions under which the department is authorized to make a commitment to acquire debt obligations that will be issued by Denton County to fund a portion of the cost to reconstruct and widen SH 121 in the county (MO) 

7. Contracts

a. Award or rejection of highway improvement contracts:
(see attached itemized lists)

(1) Maintenance (MO)

(2) Highway and Building Construction (MO)

b. Contract Claims

(1) Various Counties - Project RMC 6044-53-001 - Claim by Rocks-R-Us Luxury Landscape for additional compensation (MO)

(2) Travis County - BC-RA-3/479RAB3015 - Claim by McGoldrick Construction for additional compensation (MO)

8. Routine Minute Orders

a. Speed Zones

Various Counties - Establish or alter regulatory and construction speed zones on various sections of highways in the state (MO)

b. Highway Designations

(1) Denton County - SH 114 - Designate the former location of SH 114 as BS-114-K from approximately 2.3 miles east of IH 35W to approximately 0.62 mile east of US 377 in Roanoke (MO)

(2) Denton County - Spur 51 - Remove Spur 51 from the state highway system from SH 114 to Elizabethtown Road in Northlake (MO)

(3) Hidalgo County - FM 495 - Redesignate FM 495 from FM 1423 west to La Homa Road as SH 495 and extend SH 495 from La Homa Road west to Abram Road and south to US 83 (MO)

(4) Hidalgo County - FM 2894 - Redesignate FM 2894 from FM 2221 south to FM 1924 as SH 364; extend SH 364 from FM 1924 south to SH 495; and redesignate a segment of FM 495 from Mile 1 North Road to US 83 as SH 364 (MO)

c. Right of Way Disposition, Purchase and Lease

(1) Bexar County - SH Loop 1604 at Salado Creek in San Antonio - Consider the exchange of drainage easements (MO)

(2) Comal County - IH 35 at Kowald in New Braunfels - Consider the sale of a tract of surplus right of way (MO)

(3) Gray County - FM 291 northwest of Alanreed - Consider the sale of surplus right of way easement (MO)

(4) Scurry County - US 180 east of FM 644 east of Snyder - Consider the sale of a tract of surplus right of way (MO)

(5) Taylor County - FM 1235 at South 5th Street in Merkel - Consider the sale of a maintenance site and improvements to the City of Merkel (MO)

d. Donation to the Department
Bexar County
- SH Loop 1604 near FM 1535 in San Antonio - Consider the donation of a drainage easement and property (MO)

e. Building Improvements
Cooke County
- Approve the renovation of the Texas Travel Information Center in Gainesville (MO)

f. Eminent Domain Proceedings

(1) Various Counties - Request for eminent domain proceedings on noncontrolled and controlled access highways (see attached itemized lists) (MO)

(2) Val Verde County - US 277 at the Edwards County line - Consider the condemnation of 425.330 acres land to be acquired as a conservation easement due to mitigation requirements (MO)

9. Executive Session Pursuant to Government Code, Chapter 551

a. Section 551.071 - Consultation with and advice from legal counsel

b. Section 551.072 - Discussion of real property purchase, exchange, lease, donations

c. Section 551.074 - Discuss the evaluation, designation, reassignment, and duties of the individual district engineers, division directors, and office directors

OPEN COMMENT PERIOD - At the conclusion of all other agenda items, the commission will allow an open comment period, not to exceed one hour, to receive public comment on any other matter that is under the jurisdiction of the commission. No action will be taken.

Each speaker will be allowed a maximum of three minutes. Speakers must be signed up prior to the beginning of the open comment period.


* * *


Enumerated agenda items are assigned numbers for ease of reference only, and will not necessarily be considered by the commission in that particular order. 

Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need auxiliary aids or services, such as interpreters for persons who are deaf or hearing impaired, and readers of large print or Braille, are requested to contact Dee Hernandez at (512) 305-9536 at least two working days prior to the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Texas Transportation Commission Meeting Attached Lists

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