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  • Explain how the problem impacts TxDOT's budget, staffing, or daily operations. Think about how to measure the severity of the problem. Problems can be small like affecting one person with a process or software issue, or rather large like affecting more than five people or several districts. Giving background helps better understand the problem, such as explaining history, showing examples, or citing old policies.

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  • Think about how TxDOT could fix the problem within a few weeks or months. Does the department have the resources or authority to readily make changes? Take a close look at existing policies and procedures to consider how things should work today. Describe who and what will be needed to make significant improvements.

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  • If TxDOT implements your solution, then what measurable benefits should the department expect? Tell us about the budget savings or less staff time that would result from putting your solution into action or talk about other benefits TxDOT may realize like improving public safety.

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