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Special Provisions
SP008-017  PDF  RTF  PROSECUTION AND PROGRESS - VOID - DO NOT USE. Lane closure assessment fees. Replaces 2014 SP 008-001 beginning with the March 2016 letting. Approved for CSJ 0904-00-173,2121-03-060,0015-06-087 CSJ 000602112, 003308038, 009001032, 016810073, 027501180,067507096,069702039,629915001,067507101,000501107,061701196,20011095,263502035,006507062,006507062,005001086,004105052,009009006,027501204,22180135,061007113,019501119,049503065,090119196,003305095 Replaces SP008-001 .Replaced by SP008-045 . Districtwide Use. Amarillo District, Houston District, Austin District, San Antonio District, Corpus Christi District, Dallas District.

Specification Information