2014 English Special Provisions to Item 007 - LEGAL RELATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES (All)

SP007-012  PDF  RTF   - For project 0047-07-228 in Dallas County. Amended with respect to Article 7.3., ''Laws to be Observed.'' One-Time Use.
SP007-011  PDF  RTF   - This special provision replaces SP007-001 and has modifications to Section 2.6. Required for all projects beginning with the February 2021 letting. Replaces SP007-001 . Statewide Use.
SP007-010  PDF  RTF   - For project 0000-00-000, 0044-04-047 in Anderson, Montague Counties. The Contractor will coordinate closures & work to ensure all lanes and ramps possible are available during peak traffic periods. Required on all projects beginning with the September 2017 letting. One-Time Use.
SP007-009  PDF  RTF   - When notified by the city of Grapevine that a major traffic generating event is scheduled within at least 180 days, ensure all lanes and ramps are available during peak traffic periods before, during, and after significant traffic generator events. Required on all projects impacting the city of Grapevine. Includes language from SP 007-010. Districtwide Use. Fort Worth District, Dallas District.
SP007-008  PDF  RTF   - Revises and replaces Sections 7.18 & 7.19 of the standard specifications requiring the electronic submittals of payrolls using the Department's system. Required on all construction projects (federally-funded and wholly state-funded). NOTE: The Department's system is LCP Tracker. Statewide Use.
SP007-006  PDF  RTF   - For project 0196-03-268 in Dallas County. Addendum 1 to Item 7. A Special Provision regarding the estimated cost within 50 feet of railroad track or tracks and the number of trains passing through the job site. One-Time Use.
SP007-005  PDF  RTF   - For project 0389-07-025, 1477-01-040 in Bexar, Galveston Counties. Addendum to Article 7.3. One-Time Use.
SP007-004  PDF  RTF   - Identifies contractor co-permittee requirements for storm water management. Required for all projects beginning with the January 2016 letting. Statewide Use.
SP007-003  PDF  RTF   - VOID - DO NOT USE. For project 0000-00-000 in Anderson County. Supplements Article 7.3 to establish auditing rights for the Department and all other authorized state agencies as required by Texas Government Code ยง2262.154 and Senate Bill 20. Required for all projects beginning with the June 2018 letting. One-Time Use.
SP007-002  PDF  RTF   - For project 6221-37-001 in Jefferson County. A portion of this work includes activities over the Bayou Based Operating Unit of the International Creosoting Superfund Site. One-Time Use.
SP007-001  PDF  RTF   - VOID - DO NOT USE. Supplements Section to add training requirements for workers involved with traffic control. Required for all projects beginning with the January 2015 letting. Replaced by SP007-011 . Statewide Use.

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