2014 English Special Provisions to Item 341 - DENSE-GRADED HOT-MIX ASPHALT (All)

SP341-004  PDF  RTF   - Item 341, ''Dense-Graded Hot-Mix Asphalt'' of the Standard Specifications is replaced by Special Specification 3076, ''Dense-Graded Hot-Mix Asphalt.'' Required for all projects using ''Dense-Graded Hot-Mix Asphalt,'' beginning with the February 2020 letting. Replaces SP341-002 SP341-003 . Statewide Use.
SP341-003  PDF  RTF   - VOID - DO NOT USE. Updated Table 6 reflecting changes to TxAPA spec program based on current statement of work, removes testing requirements for informational Cantabro & Overlay testing, & includes language regarding tack & paying for tack as a bid item. Required for all projects using dense-graded hot-mix asphalt beginning with the October 2019 letting. Replaces SP341-001 .Replaced by SP341-004 . Statewide Use.
SP341-002  PDF  RTF   - VOID - DO NOT USE. Requirements for the allowance of blending of Class A and Class B aggregates. Required for LFK Replaced by SP341-004 . Districtwide Use. Lufkin District.
SP341-001  PDF  RTF   - VOID - DO NOT USE. Revises standard Item 341 to clarify the intent of the standard item. Required for all projects using Dense-Graded Hot-Mix Asphalt beginning with the January 2018 letting Replaced by SP341-003 . Statewide Use.

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